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For children who mine cobalt to survive, if no cobalt is found, they can slave 12 hours a day for nothing

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Children and unofficial workers mine cobalt for smartphones in slave conditions. Corporates know about this. It is well documented and yet it still happens. Corporates and consumers must take responsibility. At this moment, children and workers are suffering. If you have a smartphone, the cobalt inside it may have been mined by a child or an unofficial miner. Meanwhile, corporates get richer...

Every day, young children are being abused and exploited in the artisanal mines in DR Congo. The hours are long and they are often threatened with violence, all for as little as 8p a day. The corporates who profit from these children should help them, but so far, they don't. That's why we need you.

Kimbilio, the children's sanctuary run by registered charity, Congo Children Trust, is located in Katanga province, close to these mines. Kimbilio gives support to children, transforming their lives from exploitation to a hope-filled future.

Every penny makes a difference.
Thank you so much.

The Congo Children Trust is the UK registered charity (number 1121048)
which runs the Kimbilio Project, home to Richard and Dorsen, former child cobalt miners  

Looking for a charity to benefit from your will?

Your gift to Congo Children Trust will bring relief and hope to vulnerable children in DR Congo, giving them the chance to live in a safe environment for a happy and healthy future.

We would recommend you speak to your solicitor. This is the information you need:

The Congo Children Trust, UK registered charity number 1121048

Postal address:

Congo Children Trust
St Margaret's Centre
Brantingham Rd
M21 0TT


We've raised these funds so far - ordinary people, giving because they care. Thank you so much.
Funds raised to date    
Annonymous (GoFundMe)   £100
Shaun Daniel (GFM)   £10
Annonymous (GFM)   £10
Michael Thorne (GFM)   £100
Annoymous (GFM)   £10
Andrea Mitchen (GFM)   £20
Annonymous (GFM)   £10
Jolene Ann Turner (GFM) 4 x donations   £50
Jenny Reynolds   £5
Annonyous (GFM)   £10
Anne H (cash)   £20
Lynne R (cash) 9 April 2017   £10
Private pledge* Mrs. C 6 March 2017   £400
Patrick R (cash) 11 April 2017   £20
Annoymous (GFM) 22 April 2017   £15
Paul Crawford (GFM) 10 May 2017   £25.00
Paula Maddy (GFM) 12 May 2017   £20.00
Vanessa McFarlane (GFM) 12 May 2017   £25.00
Jenny Fogarty (GFM) 12 May 2017   £10.00
Susanne Oesting (GFM) 12 May 2017   £20
Tasleem Akhtar (GFM) 12 May 2017   £10
Katherine Collison (GFM) 15 June 2017   £100
Mrs C, Mrs R   £200
Dawne Gowrie Zetterstrom (GFM) 21 July 2017   £50
Gabriel Fajardo (GFM) 19 July 2017   £10
Private pledge, Mrs R   £40.77
Private pledge, Mr Mrs R, Mrs C   £130.00
Total funds raised to date   £1430.77
Funds sent to charity    
10 April 2017: Good Shepherd Sisters, Kolwezi, DRC, via PayPal   £177.77 (200 Euros)
13 April 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumbashi, DRC, care of Congo Childrn Trust, via JustGiving   £200.00
6 May 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumbashi, DRC, care of Congo Childrn Trust, via JustGiving. Mrs C. £400   £400
+ £100 gift aid
12 July 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumashi, DRC, care of Congo Childrn Trust, via Global Giving   £223
12 July 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumbashi, DRC, care of Congo Childrn Trust, via Global Giving   £200 + £50 gift aid
29 October 2017: Cash given to Ian Harvey, Director of Congo Children Trust   £60
28 November 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumbashi, DRC, care of Congo Children Trust, via Global Giving   £170
Total given to charity, so far   £1430.77
Plus Gift Aid   £192.50
Balance   £00.00
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