Dorsen and Richard are now safe because people like you cared enough to raise their voices


It's time that corporates cared too

November 2018: Ian Harvey, founder of Kimbilio, visits Brotton, NE England.
July 2018: Richard and Dorsen - A life of hope, away from the mines
February 2017: Meet Dorsen and Richard, child cobalt miners. Film viewed over 63 million times   May 2017: Sky News team return to offer Richard and Dorsen sanctuary at Kimbilio

Every day, young children are being abused and exploited in the artisanal mines in DR Congo. The hours are long and they are often threatened with violence, all for 8p a day. The corporates who profit from these children should help them, but so far, they don't. That's why we need you.

Kimbilio, the children's sanctuary run by registered charity, Congo Children Trust, is located in Katanga province, close to these mines. Kimbilio gives support to young children, transforming their lives from exploitation to a hope-filled future.

Every penny makes a difference.
Thank you so much.

The Congo Children Trust is the UK registered charity (number 1121048) which supports the Kimbilio Project. 

What you can do to help: page coming soon   Our letters to corporates, including Tim Cook, CEO of Apple: Tim, please help the cobalt children
Children of St. Peter's Primary School, Brotton, UK Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
SHOP: 100% profit is donated to Kimbilio to support vulnerable children in DR Congo
BLOG: Keep up-to-date with our campaign to help the Cobalt Children

Cobalt Children, 2018
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