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Building a list of useful contacts. These are the people we will communicate with

Graham Zebedee
British Ambassador to Democratic Republic of the Congo
BritishEmbassy Kinshasa
83, Avenue Roi Baudoin 
Democratic Republic of Congo


Graham Zebedee

EnquiriesTelephone +243 81 556 6200 If the Embassy number is not available please use +44 1908 516 666
EnquiriesFax +243 81 346 4291
Consular assistance (24 hour)+243 81 556 6200

The Ambassador to Democratic Republic of Congo, Graham Zebedee, speaks about the country's challenge to dealing with corruption.

Alex Crawford
Sky News Reporter

Twitter @AlexCrawfordSky

Alex Crawford, Sky News

Meet Dorsen who mines cobalt to make your smartphone work. Broadcast, 27 February 2017, Sky News.

Mark Dummett
Amnesty International business and human rights researcher

Twitter: @MarkDummett


Mark Dummett, Amnesty International


Corporate accountability

Exposed: Child labour behind smart phone and electric car batteries

Amnesty International

Article: This is what we die for

Democratic Republic of Congo: "This is what we die for!: Human rights abuses in the DR of the Congo power the global trade in cobalt
Published January 2016

PDF version of report, available in English, French and Chinese
English version here >

Huayou Cobalt
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Company

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Huayou Cobalt is the largest cobalt chemicals producer at present in China. Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. (Shorted as “Huayou Cobalt” below) was founded in 2002, and it is a Hi-tech enterprise focusing on the nonferrous smelting of cobalt, nickel and copper, and the cobalt new materials deep processing. 

Huayou Cobalt upholds technological innovation and scientific management. ... An independent and integrated industrial system of cobalt and copper mineral resource mining, mineral processing and refining has been set up by direct and indirect investment in Africa. Thus, a solid foundation has been established to secure the raw material supplying for the cobalt new material production platform and the long-term development of Huayou Cobalt in China.

Huayou Cobalt Cultural concepts:

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  1. Be a leader in the global cobalt industry.
  2. Misson: Building a resource-conserving and eco-friendly hi-tech enterprise, and providing cobalt materials with higher value for customers.
  3. Create value through perfect quality and lead the future with innovation.
  4. All for customers and all from customers: ...the continuous research of customer demand and the sincere interaction with customers are the foundation for the development of Huayou's cause. .. efficiently utilize the feedback from customers, scientifically analyze the market demand, and continuously perfect the enterprise's technology, products and solutions. As a result, the company will better serve customers and make greater contribution to the society.
  5. Constantly strive to become stronger and pursue excellence. Huayou's people take pride in inheriting and carrying forward the great spirit of Chinese nation - "As heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman strive ceaselessly to become even stronger". From the foundation of the enterprise to its present success as an international company, Huayou people have consistently adhered to the enterprising spirit of "diligence and perseverance" and have continuously pursued perfection to endlessly expand the space of development and attain ever higher goals. Constantly strive to become stronger and pursue excellence - this motto has become the powerful moral support to propel the growth and development of Huayou and will continue to inspire all people of Huayou to strive ceaselessly to realize the grand long-term goal.

Marketing Department


Bryce Lee
Director of CSR and Raw Material Procurement VM, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Company Limited,
Orient International Mining Company

Bryce Lee

Domestic Raw Materials Purchasing Department

Marketing Department

Tyler Gillard
OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas

Legal Advisor and Project Head 
OECD Investment Division

Tyler Gillard


No apathy

How to help #Dorsen and children like him
Did you know that people who take action are less likely to suffer from depression?

You could donate...
When children earn as little as 8p a day, every penny helps
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No help offered from these companies: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Daimler, Vodafone, Volkswagen, Lenovo. They gave standard "brush-off" responses. Apple claims they lead the industry!
CEO Rajeev Suri, Nokia
These companies didn't even bother to respond to our letters
Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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