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Children mine cobalt in the DR Congo. Cobalt is in things like smartphones, laptops, cameras. These children suffer. Would YOU pay a little extra for your smartphone, or laptop, to free these children from mines? We're asking companies to help us organise this. Which companies will care enough to stop these terrible human rights abuses? #smartphoneshame

Richard and Dorsen, child cobalt miners
Will Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google et al, help Dorsen and Richard?

This letter asks smartphone companies to care enough to organise at-the-point-of-sale fundraising to support child cobalt miners, Dorsen and Richard, and children like them. These boys labour 12 hours a day to make your smartphones work. What will they say?

To: CEOs of Samsung, LG Electronics, Doro, Archos, Apple, Acer Inc., Blackberry, Google Pixel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nokia, Sony

Dear Corporate CEOs and Mr. Lee,

I am writing to you about a boy called Dorsen.  Dorsen is small for his age. He’s eight, and works twelve hours a day as a labourer in a Congolese cobalt mine. He is one of many thousands of children* mining cobalt, needed in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries. You already

know about such children. Such human rights abuse hasbeen well documented over years.
The point of this letter is to ask you, personally, to acknowledge the need to devise a plan to ensure fair and ethical trade with the people mining cobalt in DRCongo.  I ask four simple questions with yes or no answers. Your positive response will change lives. Due diligence may be difficult to practice, but that is no excuse for not conducting trade on an ethical, humane basis. It is also wrong to involve your customers in this chain of human rights abuse. Read more

Our expensive smartphones contain cobalt which may have been mined by this little boy. His name is Dorsen. This must stop.
Dorsen, child cobalt miner
This is the face of a child who works in the prestigious smartphone industry. Meet Dorsen who mines colbalt. He's eight years old. His mum is dead. He works all day in conditions amounting to slave labour to try to earn enough money for scraps of food. Cobalt, mostly mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, is rife Read more
Here's a question for you. Are you OK with children working 12 hours a day in life threatening conditions for your smartphone, laptop or camera? There is a solution...
These children and artisanal miners need change and support. Companies selling products containing cobalt which may have been mined like this, can add value to their goods by giving us, consumers, the choice to pay more at the point of sale in the form of a donation, or by purchasing something extra (a lapel pin, a badge, a case marked #Dorsen #conflictminerals #DRCongo; there are endless possibilities) or by purchasing goods branded for the purpose of meeting corporate profit margins and raising funds for Congolese welfare. Please sign our petition. If you're not convinced, read more. Read more
Our objective: to put a stop to Congolese child miners. It's time for the corporates to take responsibility: children should not be slaving for our luxury gadgets; artisanal miners should be assisted to safe practice and fair trade.
This is a new website, inspired by Alex Crawford's Sky News report (27 February 2017) on the children mining cobalt used in smartphones and laptops. It's put together in a hurry due to the desperate plight of these child miners. The site will be developed, and it has a specific objective: to put a stop to child labour in cobalt mines and to support children who would otherwise find themselves working in cobalt mines. Please follow the Twitter feed, and like the Facebook page. Let's work together to help these children as fast as we can. It's not enough to say how sad it is to see such misery. We've raised some funds for children, and we've written a letter to corporates to ask for support. Which companies will care enough? Read more
Please take our poll. We want to know what you think
Would you help child cobalt miners? Tick the ones which are relevant. Thank you!
I would pay a little extra for my smartphone, laptop, camera, or other relevant equipment
I would be prepared to buy special products to help these children
I would give a donation, if I could afford it
I would donate regularly
I wouldn't do any of the above
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Email: hello@cobaltchildren.org
Please sign the petition to stop children mining cobalt

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Small donations help. These boys work 12 hours a day for as little as 8p or 10cents

This PayPal donate button is secure. Apart from small PayPal charges, there are no other admin fees. Your donation will reach DRCongo. We are building relationships with genuine, on the ground, field workers. Thank you! Money raised so far: £285 GoFundMe, £20 cash donation, £650 private pledges.

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Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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