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Laws to protect children and workers in DR Congo are not enforced. Children and unofficial workers mine cobalt for smartphones in slave conditions. Corporates know about this. It is well documented and yet it still happens. Corporates and consumers must take responsibility. At this moment, children are suffering. If you have a smartphone, the cobalt inside it may have been mined by a child. Do you want to help a child in the DR Congo? Even £1 will help. Dorsen, who is 8, works 12 hours for as little as 8p or 10¢. With support, he could go to school and have at least one meal a day like the children below.
Maisha: A new life outside the mines
Our fundraising for cobalt children in the DR Congo: accounts
Funds raised to date    
GoFundMe   £325
Anne H (cash)   £20
Lynne R (cash) 9 April 2017   £10
Private pledge* 6 March 2017   £400
Patrick R (cash) 11 April 2017   £20
Annoymous (GoFundMe) 22 April 2017   £15
Total funds raised to date   £790
Funds sent to charity    
10 April 2017: Good Shepherd Sisters, Kolwezi, DRC, via PayPal   £177.77 (200 Euros)
13 April 2017: Kimbilio, Lubumbashi, DRC, via JustGiving   £200.00
Available funds   £412.23
Donate direct to The Good Shepherd Sisters in Kolwezi
Donate direct to Kimbilio Lubumbashi, for street children
Donate direct to Save Dorsen and his friends fund
Kimbilio JustGiving
We really want to help the people in the film where Dorsen and Richard were filmed. Does anyone recognise the location? If you do, please email: hello@cobaltchildren.org
People already doing something to give hope to the cobalt children
Questions or suggestion? Contact us anytime
Email: hello@cobaltchildren.org
The Good Shepherd Sisters in Kolwezi
Find out more about the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Maisha project. >
Kimbilio children's sanctuary, Lubumbashi
Kimbilio boys
Find out more about the work of Kimbilio >
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Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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