Cobalt Children of DR Congo
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Mr. Jung Cho, CEO of LG: Will you help these cobalt children, please? Children like Dorsen have helped companies make lots of profit. Dorsen works 12 hours a day for as little as 8p or 10̔¢. This is slave labour and a human rights abuse. Your help would be appreciated. Your company would be lauded.
Jung Cho, CEO of LG
Will Jung Cho, CEO of LG help #Dorsen and the Congolese cobalt children?

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Added: 28 March 2017
Email out #1
Date our letter was posted: 4 April 2017
Email out #1, 28 March 2017

From: Flinty Maguire, Cobalt Children []
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Subject: FOA LG CEO, Mr Jung Cho. Concerning human rights abuses of artisanal and child cobalt miners in the DR Congo.

FOA  Juno Cho. CEO, LG

Dear Mr Jung Cho,  

May I ask you to read my attached letter? It concerns the people who mine cobalt in DR Congo. Many reports concerning this issue have been documented. A recent Sky News report by Alex Crawford, showed children and adults working in artisanal cobalt mines. The report showed children being terribly exploited, and made it clear that the cobalt mined by them may be in the products I value. Your company, like many others, uses cobalt originating from mines in the DR Congo.
According to the Anmesty International Report: This is what we die for (2016) LG responded to a question by giving this information:  “We requested our suppliers of cathode materials to confirm whether they used cobalt originating in Katanga in the DRC, and one of our 2nd-tier suppliers, Zheijiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. (“Huayou Cobalt”), has confirmed that their product contains cobalt originating in Katanga in the DRC… We are discussing whether there is a need for us to conduct our own inspection on the cobalt mining areas in Katanga, together with a 3rd-party inspector. If the risk of human rights violations is confirmed to be very high and serious through the inspection, we will consider taking a wide range of effective actions to stop the violations, such as suspending or terminating business with those suppliers who procure cobalt from such mines.”
It is not enough to eradicate children and artisanal miners from the supply chain. These people are poor and desperate. They have contributed to the success of companies, like yours, using lithium-ion batteries in their products, and continue to do so. There are customers, myself included, who want to be ethical, fair and compassionate. We need your corporate power to organise our efforts to raise funds for the cobalt children and artisanal miners. Such customers would appreciate and value a company which opens up the dialogue of Human Rights abuses, and does something practical to help.

I would ask you, please, to read my attached letter and answer the four questions that I pose. Your response will be published on the website

Thank you so much. I look forward to your reply.

All good wishes,

Flinty Maguire

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How to help #Dorsen and children like him
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When children earn as little as 8p a day, every penny helps
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No help offered from these companies: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Daimler, Vodafone, Volkswagen, Lenovo. They gave standard "brush-off" responses. Apple claims they lead the industry!
CEO Rajeev Suri, Nokia
These companies didn't even bother to respond to our letters
Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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