Making contact with the Ambassador of DR Congo, Graham Zebedee – POSITIVE

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Comment: Positive, sensitive and helpful response from the Dominique MUKOMA|Prosperity & Climate Change Officer. British Embassy – Kinshasa, on behalf of the British Ambassador to DR Congo. Time taken: 3 days.

Email out:

From: Flinty Maguire
Sent: 20 March 2017 20:41
To: Ambassade Britannique
Subject: Corporate responses to child and artisanal cobalt miners in DRCongo.

Dear Mr Zebedee,

Please find attached a letter to a number of CEOs involved in smartphone manufacture, plus Mr Bryce Lee, Manager of Responsible Supply, Huayou Cobalt, Ltd.  More companies will be added to this communication as I develop the contacts.

This letter asks for responses to yes/no questions, which will be published on the Cobalt Children website and, hopefully, turn into meaningful dialogue and positive action.

You will find the link to this letter and corporate responses, if any, from this page.

It is part of movement to seek an ethical and moral trade relationship between workers and consumers, and address blatant human rights abuses.  I do hope you will take an interest in this, and also that corporates will give positive responses.

All good wishes

Flinty Maguire

Positive response

Sent: 23 March 2017 15:03
Subject: FW: Corporate responses to child and artisanal cobalt miners in DRCongo.

Dear Flinty Maguire,

Ambassador Graham Zebedee asked me to respond and to sincerely thank you for copying him in your letter to Smartphone companies’ CEOs, raising the worrying situation of child labour in DR Congo cobalt mines.

He thinks that this is an unacceptable case of human rights abuse that the UK government has always condemned in the strongest possible terms. We are fully supportive of various initiatives aimed at addressing this abhorrent problem, including the OECD Practical Actions for Companies to Identify and Address the Worst Forms of Child Labour in the Minerals Supply Chains, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

He would like to encourage you to pursue your noble work on exposing and addressing children’s rights abuses, and to reassure you that he is definitely interested in this issue. If there is anything that you think the UK Embassy in Kinshasa could do to help, please let us know.

Best regards,

Dominique MUKOMA|Prosperity & Climate Change Officer | British Embassy – Kinshasa


Contact info for Mr. Graham Zebedee, British Ambassador to Democratic Republic of the Congo

British Embassy
83, Avenue Roi Baudoin
Democratic Republic of CongoEmail

Graham Zebedee

Telephone +243 81 556 6200
If the Embassy number is not available please use +44 1908 516 666
Enquiries Fax +243 81 346 4291
Consular assistance (24 hour)+243 81 556 6200


The Ambassador to Democratic Republic of Congo, Graham Zebedee, speaks about the country’s challenge to dealing with corruption.

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