A harvest festival of thanks at St Peter’s Primary School, Brotton, in aid of children in DR Congo who need our compassion and practical help

These children lead worship at St Peter's Church of England Primary School in Brotton.
Please show your support for Dorsen

The children of St Peter’s Primary School in Brotton listened intently as Father Jonathan Rhodes explained the meaning of Harvest Festival: gratitude for what we have, and compassion, kindness and aid for those in need. I visited the school last week to speak with the school’s Worship Group, guided by teacher, Miss Claire Chapman. This group invests their time to learn about new issues, develop understanding, then share new knowledge with their peers.

The story of Richard and Dorsen, child miners in the DR Congo who mine cobalt to make our smartphones work, is a tough story to share.

The Sky News film of their rescue ends happily, but the sad fact remains that there are thousands of Congolese children mining cobalt every day in order to survive. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Volkswagen don’t appear to do anything practical to repair the damage that’s already been done to these child miners. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these companies reacted in a similar way to the children of St. Peter’s Primary School? Their harvest festival was dedicated to learning about child cobalt miners in DR Congo. The Worship Group presented Richard and Dorsen’s story to the whole school.

The service, led by Father Jonathan Rhodes of St. Margaret’s of Antioch, Brotton, and Head Teacher Mr. Richard Unthank, was uplifting with songs and prayers of gratitude for what we have, and expressions of compassion for those who are less fortunate. The act of caring is practical in nature. The families of St. Peter’s school children  gave generously to this cause: fruit and vegetables, tins and packets were sold to raise money for the charity Congo Children Trust, which runs the project Kimbilio.

Kimbilio is now the home of Richard and Dorsen, who now go to school – something they never dreamed might happen. It’s their chance to recover their childhood and plan for a future away from the mines.

Dorsen, Richard and friends

Thank you to all the children of St. Peter’s Primary School, their parents and carers, and the Head Teacher, Mr. Richard Unthank and his staff, for their gift of interest, concern and aid to the child cobalt miners of DR Congo. It is greatly appreciated. The children of Kimbilio look forward to your friendship.



Grateful thanks to:

St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School

Mr. Richard Unthank, Head Teacher, Staff and Children
St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School
Marshall Drive, Brotton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire, TS12 2UW
Website: www.stpeters-ce-brotton.com

St. Margaret of Antioch Church

Father Jonathan Rhodes
St. Margaret of Antioch Church
Brotton and the Diocese of York
Website: www.stpeters-ce-brotton.com/st-margaret-of-antioch

Congo Children Trust

Ian Harvey,  Director of Congo Children Trust, Staff, Volunteers and Children

Campaign for corporates to help cobalt children

Cobalt Children Org

Many, many thanks to:
Alex Crawford, Sky News Reporter and Production Team 

Film: Inside the Cobalt Mines that Exploit Children

The Congo mines that exploit children: Revisited

Millions were shocked by our footage of young children being exploited in cobalt mines, three months ago.We've tracked them down – what's changed?

Posted by Sky News on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

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