Corporates may ignore the cobalt children, but school children in Brotton take it seriously

Please show your support for Dorsen

So, Apple got back and told me they had “strict standards” regarding child labourers and artisanal cobalt miners  in DR Congo. When I downloaded Apple’s latest PDF report on due diligence – I realised their standards are not so strict. It’s not good enough. What I want is a company (Apple?) to set an example and sponsor our efforts to help Congolese children who need support. There are ordinary people doing their bit. Corporates need to do their bit. After all, we buy their smartphones and contribute to their profits.

Today I met some lovely teachers, staff and children at St. Peter’s Primary School in the coastal village of Brotton. I shared the story of Dorsen and Richard, the Sky News Team, Ian Harvey and the Congo Children Trust, and Kimbilio, the children’s sanctuary in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. They were so interested and offered support. I’ll keep you posted on how this develops. These children in the UK are reaching out to the children in DR Congo. Wonderful. Their motto? Truthfulness. Courage. Friendship. Responsibility.

Apple. Could you embrace this motto too? Please help us.

I’m an ordinary, non-corporate woman, and I want to help. I’ve been sewing for Kimbilio, the children’s sanctuary in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. The charity helps children who have been rejected, or are alone, or have struggled in one way or another. Congolese fabric was sent to me and I’ve stitched quite a bit of it for the Congo Children Trust Spring Fair, which will take place soon. I’ll provide details later. I’ve made tote bags, beach bags, mobile and spec cases, hair bands and bobbles and bunting. And I’ve made some stationery from recycled paper. I’ve cut up maps and artisan paper. I’ve printed, cut and stuck.  My dining room table is a tad chaotic, but that’s OK. We can eat off a tray!

Here’s some envelopes made from Sabrina Ward Harrison’s musings. Her thoughts, scribbles and drawings are intriguing. I love them.

I’ve also used paper from the beautiful book, Rooms: photos by Derry Moore, text by Carl Skoggard (I love the way Carl writes – it’s unpredictable and surprising – the photos are mysterious and engaging).

And these writing sets have been made from wallpaper. They’re so cheerful. I put a packet of envelopes together with some extra bits and bobs (surprise stickers and labels) – ideal for scrapbooks, journals and smash books.

Also added copies of my Ellie Booton adventures: Trouble at the Crab Shack Café, and The Lighthouse Code. They’re suitable reading for children 9 and up. Exciting adventures set at the seaside. I grew up by the sea. The books are not autobiographical. Ellie is much smarter and funnier than I ever was as a kid.

A packet of 12 handmade envelope of various sizes, (and some extra bits)  suitable for scrapbooks, smash books and journals. I love stuff like this. I would buy this. 🙂



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