Selling stuff on internet to raise money

Please show your support for Dorsen

Easter weekend has been a good weekend to sell old stuff on internet! I have sold a dress I never wear, a suitcase I don’t use, two bikes that are only in the way in the garage, a book I never read, etc etc. Money collected; about 150 euro!

Every sale feels like getting closer to giving those children a better chance. Do it and clean up your house, while helping others who don’t even have anything to eat!

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Mother of two sweet little boys (1 and 3) and wife to Mark, a dutch marine. Pilot for KLM airlines, who loves all outdoor sports and fitness and jogging. During spring and summer I can mostly be found in the garden. My other passion is visiting the Italian mountains, the Dolomites. But most of all, I just love 'wasting time' with my boys!

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