Sky News: you describe Dorsen and Richard as “hopeless”, then seem to block all attempts to help them

Please show your support for Dorsen

From: Flinty Maguire, Cobalt Children []
Sent: 20 April 2017 17:22
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Subject: Dorsen and Richard, child cobalt miners, DR Congo
Importance: High


Dear Sky News


Huayou Cobalt, China, the company which has a history of buying cobalt from artisanal mines using child labour in the DR Congo, (reported on by Alex Crawford of Sky News, February 2017)  has responded to the focus given by Amnesty International’s report and the Sky News report, to begin to offer humanitarian aid to artisanal and child cobalt miners in DR Congo.


I am also in the process of discussing the possibility of additional help from corporates, documented on the website


There are agencies who want to help the children featured in Alex Crawford’s film: Dorsen and Richard. I, and others, have repeatedly requested an approximation of where these boys were filmed in DR Congo so they can be located, if possible, and offered assistance. Alex Crawford promised info and asked for patience, but as yet, she has given no response.  Could you please help? There is a time factor to this.


This is a link to the Sky News film which has had 43m views.


Ian Harvey, director of the charity Congo Children’s Trust, is travelling to DR Congo in June. He has offered assistance to Dorsen and Richard if they can be located.  Sister Catherine Mutindi of The Good Shepherd Sisters (cited by Amnesty International in the AI report) is also aware of the boys and could offer assistance depending on the location of the boys.


Could you please help? It is wrong of Sky News to film and interview these children – describe them as “hopeless” and then gatekeep efforts to offer assistance to them.


By all means, respond directly to Ian Harvey of Kimbilio located in Lubumbashi, managed by The Congo Children’s Trust: Ian’s email is



Wouldn’t it be wonderful and a great motivator for all to see these children in a safer and happier situation?


Many thanks and kind regards



Flinty Maguire

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