Letters posted to CEOs. Postage £31.90 = more than a year’s “salary” for Dorsen

Please show your support for Dorsen

Today, I printed out the letter to CEOs and put them in envelopes and posted them. The total postage was £31.90. Dorsen earns as little as 8p, or 10¢ day – sometimes nothing. When the Sky News report was filmed, Dorsen hadn’t eaten in two days. He was working a 12 hour day. He’s eight.

Here’s a link to the letter >

It would take Dorsen, earning 8p every day, 398.75 days to earn the amount I spent on postage. That equates to 4,785 hard labour hours to earn £31.90

There is no other way to put this: as consumers of these products and knowing the above fact, we are complicit. If we do nothing to raise our voice against this, we are steeped in evil.

The CEOs I wrote to are: Samsung, Boo-Keun Youn; LG Electronics, Juno Cho; Doro, Robert Puskaric; Archos, Loric Porier; Apple, Tim Cook; Acer Inc., Jason Chen; Blackberry, John S Chen; Google Pixel, Sundar Pichai; Microsoft, Satya Nadella; Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing; Nokia, Rajeev Suri; Sony, Kazuo Hirai; Vodafone Group, Nick Jeffrey; Volkswagen, Matthias Müller, also Xuehua Chen, Chairman of the board, Huayou Cobalt; Bryce Lee, Huayou Cobalt’s Manager of Responsible Supply Chain, China

I’ve  not been able to trace a photo of Xuehua Chen, Chairman of the board at Huayou Cobalt. This company buys cobalt from traders who buy cobalt mined by creusseurs and children. Their moto is. “As heaven’s movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman strive ceaselessly to become even stronger.” It’s impossible to reconcile this mission statement with the misery of child labour in the mines.

Quick reminder of why we’re making a fuss:

Knowing what Dorsen goes through, please wonder how Huayou Cobalt has developed these grandiose cultural concepts. The following is quoted from the Huayou Cobalt website.

Be a leader in the global cobalt industry.

Misson: Building a resource-conserving and eco-friendly hi-tech enterprise, and providing cobalt materials with higher value for customers.

Create value through perfect quality and lead the future with innovation.

All for customers and all from customers: …the continuous research of customer demand and the sincere interaction with customers are the foundation for the development of Huayou’s cause. .. efficiently utilize the feedback from customers, scientifically analyze the market demand, and continuously perfect the enterprise’s technology, products and solutions. As a result, the company will better serve customers and make greater contribution to the society.

Constantly strive to become stronger and pursue excellence. Huayou’s people take pride in inheriting and carrying forward the great spirit of Chinese nation – “As heaven’s movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman strive ceaselessly to become even stronger”. From the foundation of the enterprise to its present success as an international company, Huayou people have consistently adhered to the enterprising spirit of “diligence and perseverance” and have continuously pursued perfection to endlessly expand the space of development and attain ever higher goals. Constantly strive to become stronger and pursue excellence – this motto has become the powerful moral support to propel the growth and development of Huayou and will continue to inspire all people of Huayou to strive ceaselessly to realize the grand long-term goal.

Marketing Department

Website: http://en.huayou.com

Image: Amnesty International Report: This is what we die for. Published January 2016

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