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Children mine cobalt in the DR Congo. Cobalt is in things like smartphones, laptops, cameras. These children suffer. Would YOU pay a little extra for your smartphone, or laptop, to free these children from mines? We're asking companies to help us organise this. Which companies will care enough to stop these terrible human rights abuses? #smartphoneshame
Will Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google et al, help Dorsen and Richard?

This letter asks smartphone companies to care enough to organise at-the-point-of-sale fundraising to support child cobalt miners, Dorsen and Richard, and children like them. These boys labour 12 hours a day to make your smartphones work

This is the letter, dated 18 March 2017

To the CEOs: Samsung, Boo-Keun Youn; LG Electronics, Juno Cho; Doro, Robert Puskaric; Archos, LoricPorier; Apple, Jim Cook; Acer Inc., Jason Chen; Blackberry, John S Chen; Google Pixel, Sundar Pichai; Microsoft, Satya Nadella; Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing; Nokia, Rajeev Suri; Sony,  Kazuo Hirai; also Bryce Lee, Huayou Cobalt's Manager of Responsible Supply Chain, based in China.

Dear Corporate CEOs and Mr Lee,

I am writing to you about a boy called Dorsen. Dorsen is small for his age. He’s eight, and works twelve hours a day as a labourer in a Congolese cobalt mine.

  He is one of many thousands of children mining cobalt, needed in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries. I want you to help him, please, and others like him.

Recently, a Sky News report, by Alex Crawford, brought Dorsen and his friend, Richard, to global attention. If you haven’t already watched this film, I urge you to view it.

No one, with a shred of decency, could fail to want to help Dorsen and Richard, and those children in the same situation. The film educated me to the fact that the products I own and value may have a backstory of child labour and human rights abuse. In response to this, I created a website and began fundraising.

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Dorsen, child cobalt miner

No mission statement, no logo


Age: 8 years
Employed: Child labourer in cobalt mine, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hours of work : 12 hours a day
Daily payment: Erratic. As little as 8p or 10¢, sometimes nothing
Lifestyle: Often hungry, in pain, exhausted
Smartphone: Does not own a smartphone

  Richard, child cobalt miner

No mission statement, no logo

Age: 11 years
Employed: Child labourer in cobalt mine, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hours of work : 12 hours a day
Daily payment: Erratic. As little as 8p or 10¢, sometimes nothing
Lifestyle: Often hungry, in pain, exhausted
Smartphone: Does not own a smartphone


Bryce Lee Bryce Lee, Huayou Cobalt

“As heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman strive ceaselessly to become even stronger”

Manager of Responsible Supply Chain
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd.

Email: market@huayou.com

Facebook: none
Twitter: none

Sony Kazuo Hirai, Sony Boo-Keun Yoon, Samsung

“Inspire the world, create the future”

Email Sang Ho Jo (online form)
emailtheceo.html e-mail: s.jo@samsung.com 

Facebook: facebook.com/SamsungMobile/
Twitter: @SamsungMobile

Sony Kazuo Hirai, Sony Kazuo Hirai, Sony

“inspires and fulfills your curiosity”

Email: kazuo.hirai@jp.sony.com

Sony Press Contact, UK: Aimee Lake 
e-mail: aimee.lake@eu.sony.com 

Facebook: facebook.com/Sony/
Twitter: @Sony

Sony Rajeev Suri, Nokia Rajeev Suri, Nokia

“Connecting people”

Rajeev is a leader with a passion for creating value, innovation, and delivering technologies that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Source >

Facebook: facebook.com/nokia/
Twitter: @nokia

Email: government.relations@nokia.com

US/North American media

Carol Dematteo (Irving)
Mobile: +12147286197
E-mail: carol.dematteo@nokia.com

French & European media 

Anne Samson (Paris)
Mobile: +33603793086
E-mail: anne.samson@nokia.com

Sony Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo

“Lenovo and its employees are committed to helping those less fortunate and, when disaster strikes, to lending a helping hand to those who are in difficult circumstances. In addition, Lenovo has committed 1 percent of its pre-tax income to programs and initiatives that serve society to address issues in areas of great need, no matter where those areas or issues happen to be.” Source>

Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement >
Lenovo, 1009 Think Place, Morrisville, NC 27560

Worldwide corporate press contact: Charlotte West
Email cwent@lenovo.com

Facebook: facebook.com/lenovo/
Twitter: @lenovous

Sony Terry Myerson , Microsoft Lumia Satya Nadella, Microsoft Lumia  

“At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers.”

Press office: ukprteam@microsoft.com

Facebook: facebook.com/MicrosoftUK/
Twitter, personal: @satyanadella
Twitter, corporate: @Microsoft

Sony Sundar Pichai, Google  Pixel Sundar Pichai, Google Pixel

 “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Press office : press-uk@google.com
Facebook: facebook.com/GoogleUK/
Twitter, personal:   @sundarpichai
Twitter, corporate: @Google

Sony John S Chen, Blackberry John S Chen, Blackberry


Press office: mediarelations@BlackBerry.com
Also: citizenship@blackberry.com

Facebook: facebook.com/BlackBerry/
Twitter: @BlackBerry

Sony Jason Chen, Acer Jason Chen, Acer

Acer Inc.
8F, 88, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd. 
Xizhi, New Taipei City 221, Taiwan 

Acer UK Ltd
Heathrow Boulevard III
282 Bath Road
West Drayton
Greater London

No press email
Investors: investor.relations@acer.com

Facebook: facebook.com/AcerUK/
Twitter: @Acer

Sony Sony Tim Cook, Apple

Email: tcook@apple.com
Press office, UK: media.uk@apple.com

Facebook: facebook.com/Apple.Inc.U.S.A7
Twitter: @Apple (no tweets)

Sony Loic Porier, Archos Loric Porier, Archos

Press office: press-relations@archos.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ARCHOS/
Twitter, personal @LoricPorier
Twitter, corporate: @ARCHOS

Sony Robert Puskaric, Doro Robert Puskaric, Doro

Doro AB
Magistratsvägen 10
226 43 Lund
Phone 0046 46 280 50 00

General email address: IR@doro.com 
Sales: acsales@doro.com

Facebook: None
Twitter: None

Sony Juno Cho, LG Electronics Juno Cho, LG

“Life's Good”

LG Twin Towers 20 Yoido-dong, 
Youngdungpo-gu Seoul, Korea
Tel + 82-2-3777-1444 

LG Electronics Headquarters Corporate Communications Team

Press office: LGnews@lge.com
General email: lgpr@lge.com

Facebook: facebook.com/LGMobile/
Twitter: @LGUS

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Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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