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Children mine cobalt in the DR Congo. Cobalt is in things like smartphones, laptops, cameras. These children suffer. Would YOU pay a little extra for your smartphone, or laptop, to free these children from mines? We're asking companies to help us organise this. Which companies will care enough to stop these terrible human rights abuses? #smartphoneshame

Circuitous contact with UNICEF re fundraising: Democratic Republic Congo says contact UK

Added: 14 March 2017



Emailed on 3 March to seek assistance. Need someone qualified to receive funds to assist children mining cobalt.

From: Flinty Maguire [mailto:flintymaguire@burdockhouse.co.uk]
Sent: 03 March 2017 15:20
To: 'kinshasa@unicef.org' <kinshasa@unicef.org>
Subject: Raising funds for children mining cobalt

Hi there

Following a report on Sky News regarding child labour in cobalt mines in DR Congo,  I have begun to raise funds to help the children involved in the report. The filming was done in the Katanga Province. My fund raising will be an ongoing project.

I need assistance: someone qualified to receive funds and administer them to children.

A campaign will shortly be launched which will be sustained, and I can provide you with more information soon. I need a point of contact so that I can take this forward.

Can you help me?

Many thanks and kindest regards

Flinty Maguire


Response received from UNICEF DRC via Facebook:

Hi Flinty Maguire , Thanks for your interest in UNICEF DRC and congratulations for your engagement for the children working in mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. UNICEF DRC does not receive funds directly from individuals, so we suggest you contact UNICEF UK. All the best, UNICEF DRC team


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