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Great news! Sky News reporter, Alex Crawford who filmed: Meet Dorsen who mines cobalt to make your smartphone work, has been in touch.
Added: 11 March 2017

Sky reporter, Alex Crawford who filmed Meet Dorsen, who mines cobalt to make your smartphone work, aired on Sky News, Money 27 February, has responded to my Facebook message:

1 March 10:11
Hi Alex. Re your report on the children in DR Congo mining cobalt, you interviewed Dorsen and Richard. Please can you let me know where these children are? I've got £500 pledged overnight - and I can take this forward and develop into a long term project.

All children working in cobalt mines are important and our concern is with them. Also of grave concerned are the harsh and unsafe conditions that the unofficial adult miners, or creusseurs, endure to mine cobalt and scratch a living. The boys, Dorsen, eight, and Richard, 11, named and interviewed in the film became the voice for child miners. They did a fantastic job, because it made a mark in people's consciousness. Dorsen's name is particularly helpful - the spelling of it makes for an effective hashtag #Dorsen, so that the story can be traced and stay alive. The boys behind those names are unforgettable.

On the day that Alex Crawford and the Sky News team filmed Dorsen and Richard, these boys were randomly picked out for airing on global media. Too young to give their consent or understand the reach of their audience, they spoke of their pain and misery. They spoke for all children eduring this work and they deserve to know they have been heard; that their piece to camera had worth. It would be fantastic to channel practical help to these boys, whose testimony was so compelling. We want to help them, and the people they labour with.

Will update, as soon as I hear from Alex Crawford.


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Cobalt Children, 2017. Consumers and Corporates know it's wrong for children to mine cobalt.
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